Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When You Missing Something...

"You will know the value of something when it's become memory"

I think this quote is super true. Because when I saw this pic, I feel something missing..

(Photo taken from ms_rico_'s instagram)

Yep, making lesson plans is one of the very hectic job as a teacher. Sometimes, I can't sleep well for two weeks doing this administrative things. I usually grumbling when I do this job. But now, when I'm not having responsibility to make this things anymore, I feel that I miss it.

Thinking for 'what learning methods will we use? 'and 'what materials do I need?' sometimes can be very fun! And yes, teacher always hope that the class lessons or projects can be an awesome memory to the students.

I miss class teaching. With all the lesson plan jobs.
For now.

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